Talentless Nana Episode 1: Release Date, Trailer, Preview, Spoilers and More

Talentless Nana aka Munou na Nana is an upcoming supernatural manga series written by Looseboy. The series tells the story of supernatural kids that trained to fight against the more immense evil. Here is everything you need to know about the new manga series.

Talentless Nana: When will the first episode release?

Munou ns Nana will release its first episode on Sunday, 4 October 2020, at 9:30 PM JST. The episodes will also stream on Crunchyroll and other streaming sites for International viewers. Like every other Manga series Talentless Nana will too drop its weekly episodes on Sundays. Well, it seems like a perfect day to watch manga.

Talentless Nana: Plot Details

The manga series tells the story of a bunch of kids with extraordinary powers. The kids are born with supernatural powers with which they are trained in their school for the mission. The main aim of the school is to prepare the students to fight with what they call “Enemies of Humanity”.

Talentless Nana Episode 1: Release Date, Trailer, Preview, Spoilers and More


What will happen in the first episode of Talentless Nana?

The story sets in a fictional island named Faraway island where no boat or ship can sail. The island is famous for the academy which trains the students day and night to fight with the “Enemies of Humanity“.

A mysterious girl Nana Hiragi transfers to their school. Other students are unaware of the intentions of Nana Hiragi or why she has arrived in the academy, nor they are aware of the real face of evil.

Moreover, the students are trained day and night tirelessly to fight with Enemies of Humanity. Nana Hiragi is seen determined to fight with evils along with her friends. Her mission is to protect the humankind from its enemies before everything in the world falls apart.

Do we have a trailer yet?

Yes, we do have a trailer of Talentless Nana. Give it a watch below!


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