The Complete Guide to Jio Phone and How to Download Your Favorite Apps on Flipkart

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The Complete Guide to Jio Phone and How to Download Your Favorite Apps on Flipkart
The Complete Guide to Jio Phone and How to Download Your Favorite Apps on Flipkart

How to Download Apps on Jio Phone

In this section, we will learn how to download apps on Jio Phone.

To download an app from the play store, you need to open the Play Store.

Tap on the search bar and enter any keyword or name of the app that you want to download. Tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left corner of your screen and tap on free or paid apps. A list of all matching apps will show up on your screen. Tap on any one of them and a description about that particular app will pop up on your screen. You can then tap on install or buy button to complete downloading process.

You can also download an app by searching for it in google play store and then tapping install button as shown in image below:

Jio Phone’s Top 10 Features You Must Know About!

It has been a year since the Jio Phone was launched and it is still the cheapest 4G phone in India. It has not only given many people their first taste of 4G but also brought affordable data to rural India.

1) With the Jio Phone, you can access Facebook and WhatsApp without using any data. This is because these apps are pre-installed on the phone for free and they don’t take up any space on your device’s storage either.

2) You can use two SIM cards in the Jio Phone – one for voice and SMS, while another for data. This feature is called Dual SIM Dual Standby or DDS.

3) The Jio Phone comes with an SOS button which you can use to send an emergency text to 5 friends or family members

What is JIO Money? And How it Works with JIO Phone!

JIO Money is a digital wallet that the company had launched to allow its customers to transfer money digitally. The wallet can be used through the JIO Phone app, in a browser, or with a physical card.

It was launched in August 2016 and has seen a huge growth in its customer base with over 1 million new users joining in just 2 days!

The wallet was designed to allow easy fund transfers from one user to the other. It also allows users to shop online and pay their bills using this digital wallet which is linked directly with the bank account of the user.

What Happens if I Lose My JIO Phone? What will Happen if I forget my password? What if I lose my sim card

If you lose your JIO phone, then you will have to call customer care or visit a nearby JIO store. If you forget your password, then the only option is to reset it by contacting customer care. If you lose your sim card, then it can be replaced with a new one at any nearby JIO store.

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