What are the 4Rs? – New Unique Update in 2021

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What are the 4Rs? - New Update in 2021
What are the 4Rs? – New Update in 2021

Q. What are the 4Rs? Ans.The 4R Program is built on the foundation of the 4R of Right Source at the Right Rate, at the Right Time and in the Right Place. Attention to those factors can give adequate nutrition for crop production whereas minimizing the danger of loss of nutrients to the environment. Providing required supplements for crop creation includes thoughtfulness regarding four significant treatment factors (the 4Rs): right rate, right source, right situation, and right planning. Thoughtfulness regarding those components can give sufficient nourishment for crop creation while limiting the danger of loss of supplements to the climate.

The 4R principles are the same globally, but how they are used locally varies depending on field and site specific characteristics such as soil, cropping system, management techniques and climate. The scientific principles of the 4R framework include:

What are the 4Rs in agriculture?

Right Source

Ensure a balanced supply of essential nutrients, considering both naturally available sources and the characteristics of specific products, in plant available forms.

Right Rate

Assess and make decisions based on soil nutrient supply and plant demand.

Right Time

Assess and make decisions based on the dynamics of crop uptake, soil supply, nutrient loss risks, and field operation logistics.

Right Place

Address root-soil dynamics and nutrient movement, and manage spatial variability within the field to meet site-specific crop needs and limit potential losses from the field.

Which nutrient practice was best?

Best Management Practices for Agricultural Nutrients : The timing of application is more important with nitrogen than with the other nutrient because nitrogen is applied in large amounts to several crops and is very mobile. Phosphorus is stable when it’s mixed into the soil and may be applied when most convenient.

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