How to Exercise in the busy schedule of the Office?

How to Exercise in the busy schedule of the Office
The world is moving fast, women are not excluded. Women are also finding the rhythm with the fast running world. In this busy life, they can not concentrate on their health. Because when it comes to work and health, things are always compromised with health. But now the solution has been found, the women working in the office can work together as well as work and keep their bodies fit.

Some companies have the facility of gym and yoga classes for their employees in the office only. But in some offices, there are no such facilities. But there is also a solution for that. So let us tell you how to keep your body fit than working in the office.

  • West Stretch Exercises
    West Stretch exercises are performed on the chair. Put your both hands on the waist sitting on the chair to perform this exercise. Now rotate the upper part of the body in one direction, then turn the upper part of the body in the opposite direction. You can do this exercise whenever you have time. But one thing to do with this exercise is to be careful that the chair should be stable, never exercise on a wheelchair.
  • Active Arms Exercise
    Sit down directly on the chair to perform active arms exercises. Now take your arm to the chest of the elbow. Then push on the left-hand elbows with the right hand. And fold the left arm backward. Do the same process on the other hand.
  • Back Twist Exercises
    Sit back directly to the chair to perform a back twist exercise. Then keep your both hands around your thighs. Now fold your body as much as possible on the rear side. Stay in the same state for a while now.
  • Legs Exercises
    To exercise your legs, keep the legs the first side straight. Then raise it up slowly. Do not kneel at the time of lifting the feet. Now turn your legs straight and round in a circular position. Doing this will strengthen the leg muscles. Then bring the foot down slowly and come back to normal condition. Now get up with the help of the fingers of the fingers and return back to normal position after a few minutes. This exercise can be done at any time you can. Regular exercise can strengthen foot muscles.
  • No Double Chain Exercise
    Double chin means that the other line becomes below the beard. This is called double chin. Exercise on a daily basis can also relieve this problem. Turn your muzzle upstairs. Now let’s open and close the way you are eating something. By doing this, you will feel the pain in the muscles of the beard. By which muscles get exercise

4 Simple Exercise You Can Do at Work

Exercise has plenty of benefits – it helps prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer, improves stamina, strengthens and tones your body, enhances flexibility, and helps control weight. Busy work schedule may leave us little time for the gym, but there is no excuse not to spend at least 10 minutes a day to work your muscles. We recommend these four simple exercises you can try at work.

  1. Stairs Master
    Unless your office is located on the 55th floor of the building, it’s always good to walk up the stairs in the morning to elevate your heart rate. To enhance this exercise, take two stairs at a time for an ultimate leg burn.
  2. Be the Office Wanderer
    Do you dial a phone extension or use Skype to contact your colleagues within the office compound? Try walking to them instead. A stroll down the hall strengthens the heart and lungs, which leads to an increase in overall fitness. Doctors also claim that walking improves muscle endurance, boosts blood circulation, and assists with weight loss.
  3. The Good Shrug
    Shrugging may not always be a bad thing. Try raising both of your shoulders up and hold it there for five seconds. Repeat this action for 15 reps. Shoulder shrugs work to strengthen and build your trapezius muscles (the muscles near your shoulders). Remember, instead of rolling your shoulders, focus on shrugging them for better effects.
  4. All About the Posture
    To work on your core, focus on your posture (it’s a great exercise if you spend hours at your desk). Ensure that your feet, hips, and arms are at the 90-degree angle to the ground, and then squeeze your core as often as you can. This corrects your posture and keeps you from slouching, which makes you look more confident!

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