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Finally a spinoff of Inuyasha aka Yashahime Princess Half Demon is on the cards. From a very long time fans were rooting for a spinoff. The first part aired on October 3, 2009 in Japan making it one of the most loved anime series around the world.  So let’s dive deep into the world of Inuyasha to get into the details of release date, spoilers and more.

Yashahime Princess Half Demon: Plot Details

The plot is built several years after the events of Inuyasha. It revolves around Sesshōmaru’s daughter Towa who is secluded from his family at a very young age. After which she was stucked into a modern era where Kagome Higurashi’s family adopted her. By the time she went back to the past, she had discovered that her half twin sister has become demon slayer and is unaware about her childhood memories. The rest of the series revolves around their efforts to retrieve their memories.

When will the sequel arrive?

Yashahime Princess Half Demon

The series was first announced in May 2020 after which it was pushed back to October 2020. The sequel will arrive on October 3, 2020 on both national and international digital platforms. The sequel will air on Hulu and Crunchyroll as well on the given date.

Yashahime Princess Half Demon: Do we have a trailer yet?

Yes, we do have a trailer of Inuyasha’s sequel Yashahime Princess. The trailer looks very promising, depicting the Inuyasha’s daughters and half brother Sesshomaru. Both of the girls of Inuyasha have lived very different lives considering both of them being brought in different eras, one being in the present one and another one was brought in a modern era who was sent back to her time. The only thing was that she no more recalls her family and everything about her period.

Image Source: Hulu

And how are they going to fix up the mess? Well, for that we have to wait until October 3. Stay tuned for more latest updates.