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Yōjo Shachō Anime Adaption is announced officially. Yay! Manga fans would be going crazy right now. There have been different manga which got their anime adaption recently. I am personally very excited to see what happens. If you are not aware of the Yōjo Shachō manga, then you will know about it soon.

The announcement was made on the official account of Odeko Fuji. Odeko Fuji writes the manga. Know more about the inspiring manga in this article. The manga will inspire everyone.

Let us know the storyline, characters and much more about Yōjo Shachō.


Yōjo Shachō Anime Adaption
Source: Twitter

Storyline of Yōjo Shachō Anime Adaption

A little girl of five years is the president of a company. That is unbelievable right? Yes, but in this manga its the reality. Mujina Najimu owns the company of the same name. Mujina is an ordinary little girl.

Moreover, the company has a secretary. Secretary is talented and broad-minded. Other staff members of the company includes:

  • Office clerk with undisclosed nationality
  • Straight employee

The president handles the members of the office. In this manga, the president chargers every day to make the company better. With all these Mujina Najimu navigates towards a modern lifestyle. How will the story turn out of an average girl chasing such life? Watch the anime for a lot of fun.

Where to read the manga?

One can read the chapters of Yōjo Shachō manga on Anime-Planet, My Anime List, and Manga Updates.


The Yōjo Shachō manga will now have an anime based on it. The writer of the manga tells that it will be an inspiring anime. Viewers get ready to watch something different than usual. The anime will gain child fans along with young fans. Moreover, the manga serialised for years in Kodakawa. The first volume of the manga published last year in April 2019. Then after another volume came out in November 2019. To know the latest updates check this website.