10KHits Review & Tips to increase website visitors [updated in 2023]

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10KHits Review & Tips to increase website visitors [updated in 2022] 10k hits
10KHits Review & Tips to increase website visitors [updated in 2023]

10KHits review I will talk about all aspects of the 10khits. 10khits is one of the best online website traffic exchange websites, which provides free of the traffic all you have to do certain tasks to get free visitors to your website for free.

You can’t say this all visitors are the bot traffic, to understand why these visitors are not bot traffic you have to understand and need to know how this website works.

So, let’s dive into learning how this works.

10KHits is one of the traffic exchange websites like others probably you may know how it works like every other traffic exchange website this also works the same except few other features.

How 10khits works?

On 10khits has a point system which means if you had 1 point that means you have one visitor but naturally here you will also be questioned that how to get these points right?

If yes then answer is you have two option or choices are their one you can buy it and the second option is you can get it free by surfing certain pages so here you can get it for free but you have to visit pages by surfing them you don’t need to do anything except keeping you display on and also keep connectivity of internet.

Is 10khits legit platform or not?

So I want to tell you few facts about the 10Khits later you can decide that 10khits is legit free website traffic exchange platform is appropriate or legit for your website.

Fact one here you get all visitors are not bot this visitors are human who comes from a different country and visit your website to gain points so they are really being.

Not all but 40% of the visitors are coming to your website or blog could be repeat visitors as well.

This platform will also improve the Alexa rank.

Sometimes same IP visitors will be considered as repeat visitors and they will not reflect in analytics if they are repeated visits to your website.

You will get free unique traffic from 10KHitsts is up to 60% accurate and the rest of the visits will be repeated visits.

10KHits review 

Here I would like to share my unbiased and genuine review about 10khits. Like others when I got to know about the 10khits then I signed up for 10khits and I started using it but before that, I also would like to share that I choose this platform to test that how much percentage unique traffic I can get so I signed up on 10khits.

Now here I will share what I got from this was a shocking outcome. I know guys you are here to know whether this tool is trustable or not so here I would like to tell you few things then you may judge whether this free traffic exchange platform or website will fulfill your purpose or not!

But one more thing I want to share if you are looking for geo targeting, for example, you wish to target specific country or region then this option is best suitable for you and also get white label traffic from this but you have to subscribe the 10KHits premium plan for this additional features which will cost you around the 10 $ per month. 

10KHits Review
10KHits review

And if you subscribe to it then you will get extra benefits such as website slots which will help you to gain more points using surfing.

FAQ about the 10KHits Review

  1. What is 10KHits?

    10khits_Reviews10KHits is a online traffic exchange platform. which has thousands of visitors.This platform which provide human visitors who visits the website.

Is 10KHits paid or free?

Features 10khits

10KHits has two types one free and another paid. For free plan needs to gain points in order to send traffic to websites whereas paid plan consist the points which you can use to get the traffic on your website.
The traffic coming to your website from this platform is actual human visiting so it is legit traffic. This tool consists both I mean free and paid.

Is 10KHits Legit?

Yes it’s legit online traffic exchange platform

What are the pro and cons of the 10KHits?

10KHits con would it gives 60% accurate and unique traffic whereas rest of the traffic is repeat visits.

Alternatives of 10KHits?

Many 10KHits alternatives are available such feelingsurf.fr and many other websites.

How many Plan in 10khits.com?

Features 10khits

1. Free – $0/month
2. Pro Plan – $10/month
3. Business Plan – $29/month

How to Signup in 10khits.com? What details required for Signup in 10khits.com?

Sign Up Form 10khits 2

1. Go to Sign up link. Please click here.
2. Fill account you data for account creation. (Ex. Email, Display Name & Password)
3. Click Create My Account


I hope you got a clear insight into this 10KHits review. So according to me you should give a shot to this if you are seeking the legit website traffic exchange platforms online. I tried a got good result I mean I got the 60% unique traffic so this is a good thing. In the end, if you wish to try this then you can also visit from here.

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