Mersal Movie Hindi Dubbed watch online & Download in 2017

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Mersal Movie Hindi Dubbed watch online & Download online
Mersal Movie Hindi Dubbed watch online & Download online

Mersal movie hindi dubbed or Mersal movie dubbed in hindi watch online or mersal movie hindi dubbed download online I know you may have searched such terms on google and then you may found this blog and landed here right?

Don’t worry I also did the same thing in fact i was also looking for the mersal movie dubbed in hindi I also searched in youtube but as many of you aware that in youtube whatever new tamil or telugu films release there will be videos available with same terms of movie but when we click on that watch it then the video will be different in fact they disguise us but for awhile let’s leave it and come to the point that few months back I did the same thing but at a certain point of time later I realise and then decided to share it with you guys.

I will share the details of mersal movie details such as mersal movie where to watch online and when mersal movie hindi dubbed will be available, star cast of mersal movie,budget and rights sold details etc.

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Mershal movie was released on 18 october 2017 worldwide. The story of mersal movie were written by Atlee kumar. whereas Mersal movie directed by Atlee kumar. Mersal music composed by the A.R. Rahman. And the production studio of mersal movie is Thenandal Studio Limited.

Mersal movie hindi dubbed version or Mersal hindi dubbed version is most awaited movie and mersal movie released before the sarkar which is also one of the blockbuster movies of vijay Telepathy.Marshal movie box office collection is Rs.260 crore and the budget of mershal movie is Rs.120 crore. 

Vijay is known for his best acting and dance in south cinema movies. Vijay telepathy every movie has different angles as well a message that makes it more likeable. In fact I was amazed when I was searching for a mersal Hindi dubbed movie then I found many interesting facts such as who purchased the mersal movie hindi dubbing rights and at which cost they purchased the mersal mersal hindi dubbing rights.

Mersal movie is one of the best movies of vijay telepathy as well as this movie is blockbuster & super duper hit film.

When I watched the mersal movie trailer then I was thrilled. Since then i was waiting to watch this film in hindi dubbed, As matter of curiosity each day i am checking and searching (googling) for mersal movie hindi dubbed watch online or download but till now I do not found any clue related to this but i must say but unofficially I heard somewhere and read that the Mersal movie hindi dubbed is coming soon, yeah you heard right! But I do not guarantee for this that dubbed versions of mersal will for sure come but I can say only on the basis of it’s ratings and peoples reaction that the maker of marshal movie will consider about hindi dubbing of marshal movie. 

Watch Mersal movie Trailer

Mersal Movie Rights Details

Mersal movie audio or songs rights were taken by Sony Music south and bought at Rs.3.5 crore. Mersal songs were composed by A.R Rehman.

As per the sources Mersal movie tamil satellite rights sold at 30 crore and the rights grabbed by Zee Tamil group (Unofficial).

Mersal movie hindi dubbing rights were sold out to Goldmines Telefilms for 11 Crore.

Mersal movie Budget and marshal movie Box office collection day wise.

Mersal movie budget is 120 crore

Mershal movie Boxoffice Collection Day wise

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Mershal movie hindi Dubbed watch online

As shared earlier in above that mersal movie hindi dubbing or mersal movie hindi audio dubbing rights were sold to Goldmine Telefilms at 11 crore.

Goldmine Telefilm is still working on dubbing. As all of you may be aware that when goldmine do dubbing of any movie in hindi then they first do the television premiere of the movie so in this case also same thing will happen.

When Mersal movie hindi dubbing rights were taken by goldmines then it was supposed come this movie till april 2020 but as we all are aware that the due to lockdown this movie hindi premiere as well as hindi digital premiere may be delayed.

I also heard it could be rumours that the once mersal movie will be dubbed in hindi then the theatrical release done in hindi language but there is not any official supporting any announcement made by the mersal movie makers. 

Currently if you search terms such as mershal movie hindi dubbed download or mershal movie hindi dubbed watch online then you may find many website but the fact is currenly mershal movie dubbed version is nowhere available.

Mersal movie songs

Marshal movie has few very popular songs. You can watch it here as well.

Macho ye nacho mersal movie song

Neethanae Tamil mersal movie song

Aalaporan Tamil song of mersal movie

Where to watch Mersal movie online in hindi or tamil

Here I reveal such sources where you can watch mersal movies online or download online.

Mershal movie is currently available online on Netflix in telugu language. Mersal movie watch online with english subtitle on Netflix.

Mersal movie in tamil language also available to watch on Hotstar

Mersal movie hindi dubbed digital release date

As you know guys and all are aware that the official announcement for mersal hindi dubbing is not yet done by the makers or who acquired the dubbing rights so we are not sure that when will be mersal movie hindi dubbed will available online to watch.

But we assure you guys for one thing is that we keep checking each day about the mersal movie dubbing update as well as mersal movie hindi dubbing digital release date.

If we get any update related to dubbing of this film then we will let you know by updating here.

FAQ of Mersal movie

Is mersal movie flop or superhit?

Mersal movie is superhit and also considered as a fifth highest box office grossing film of tamil cinema.

What is role of vijay telepathy in mersal movie?

Vijay Telepathy shown in double role in one role. So the vijay first character is shown as doctor whereas another is magician. And the fact is that doctor and magician both were brothers but not aware of this fact until end.

What is Release date Mersal movie?

18 October 2017

How much Mersal movie worldwide boxoffice collection was?

Worldwide collection of mersal movie was Approx w251 crore.

Mersal movie is hit or flop?

Mersal movie is hit movie. In fact it is fifth highest boxoffice grossing movie.

Mersal movie villain name?

Suryah is playing villain role in mersal.

How much vijay charged for mersal movie?

We are not sure about this but approximate vijay charged for mersal movie was around 20 crore.

Who is writer of mersal movie?

Atlee Kumar is writer of mersal movie.

Who directed mersal film?

Atlee kumar directed the mersal movie.


I hope you liked this detailed information about mersal movie hindi dubbed watch online or mersal movie digital release date. If you find any update related to this movie then please let us know by leaving a comment below.