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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga series from Shonen Jump Magazine. This manga is popular for its devoted fan base. The audience is following their favourite characters as they grow up from being kids to becoming brave heroes as they move around a world of corruption and whimsy. Chapter 284 of this manga series came out on Shōnen Jump on September 18th.

This new chapter gave out an update on many characters. In these, the most known highlight is of Deku’s use of his new float quirk in a fight. Rested in the middle of the action and drama is a major new update for Katsuki Bakugo who is a class 1-A student at U.A. . He is popular for his fiery quirk and feisty personality.

When readers of My Hero Academia were first got to know regarding the character, they did not have the “lawful-good hero” look that we expect to see from the main characters of the crime-fighting genre.

In the class, his attitude and behaviour make him different from his less chaotic classmates. His anger and hatred towards the main lead, Izuku Midoriya, and also on anyone who dared to look at him the wrong way separated him from others at U.A. But, He still held on to this unjustifiable hate for a big amount of time in the series. Still, fans enjoyed the character a lot anyways.

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The emotional dialogue which came out from the flashback conversation that occurred between Katsuki and All Might. Katsuki let him know about his fears regarding the future. He also opened up to his childhood role model while he was really vulnerable. He put out about his own childhood issue with Izuku. Not only that he made a comment on how grown up they are now. But he also gave a lot of trust and respect that they had for a long time. Apart from this, he also let him know about his past intentions.

The main reason that he treated Izuku the way he did was because he was unable to understand his good nature. He also felt detachment because of his personal weaknesses in this matter. Izuku was successful in being able to recognize his own weaknesses.

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Apart from this, it was very clear Izuku would have to work harder and put more efforts than his stronger classmates. Katsuki instantly understood that this self-awareness is the reason why Izuku has the potential to become a great hero. But this reason still made him envious about Izuku.