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Earlier this year Sogakukan magazine announced that the anime adaption of Tonikawa Kawaii would come out in October. Hata writes the manga. His real-life inspired the manga. Moreover, Seiyus Life manga inspires the story. We will look forward to the storyline of the anime ahead in this article. One good news for manga readers is that the English version will also publish soon. The new promo video of the anime started streaming on Sunday. The English subbed video is also available. However, streaming confined to some regions only. Let us know the premiere date of Tonikawa Kawaii Anime. Moreover, dig more in-depth about the anime in this article.

When will Tonikawa Kawaii Anime premiere?

According to the official sources, the anime will premiere on October 2, 2020. The airing time on Tokyo MX channel is 1:25 AM as per Japan Standard Time. So, to be precise, the anime will air on October 3, 2020. Note that the anime broadcast time and date are confirmed. However, the streaming of anime on Crunchyroll is not fixed yet.

There are various channels and platform where the anime will premiere. We will look to it in this article ahead.


The storyline revolves around a boy name Nasa. He meets a sweet girl named Tsukasa. They met on the day when Nasa had his high school exam. He wanted to go to a high school and to get the admission there, and he need to pass the exam.

When he saw Tsukasa, he falls in love with her. However, Tsukasa had a deal. Tsukasa told him that she would go on a date only if they get married! Tough man…

Years passed by, and Nasa turned 18. On his birthday, suddenly Tsukasa appears. She wants to marry Nasa!

They get married. And a new life as husband and wife begins.

How will the life serve them both? What is the universe’s plan for them? Will they live a long loving and happy life? Well, we will know once the anime comes out.

Cast of the anime

The cast members of the anime includes:

  • Junya Eniko voicing Nasa
  • Akari Kito voicing Tsukasa
  • Yu Serizawa voicing Kaname Arisugawa
  • Konomi Kohara voicing Chitose Kaginoji
  • Sumire Uesaka voicing Aya Arisugawa
Tonkawa Kawaii Anime
Source: Alpha Coders


Akari Kito performs the opening theme song of the Tonikawa Kawaii Anime ‘Koi no Uta.’ Furthermore, Kanoe Rana performs the ending theme song of the anime. Tsuki to Hoshizora is the ending song. The anime will be broadcasted on Tokyo TV, YTV, and BS NTV channels. Also, the anime will be available online on Crunchyroll.