20 Best Sites to Stream and Watch Live TV & Free & Paid

20 Best Sites to Stream and Watch Live TV | Free & Paid

Stream and Watch Live TV – Looking for some cool sites to observe free live TV on your device. Then today Thinkingfunda has come up with the most effective of the list consisting of free and paid TV streaming sites. the net is on Crackdown to get rid of all the websites which stream illegal content at no cost with none licensing. Watching illegal streams that don’t have any authorization could be a crime and you’ll find yourself in jail. Some countries have very strict litigations on unethical online streaming, the accused and also the perpetrator both may face the wrath of the scheme. In most cases, the developer of the web site is one who is punished.

But there are a decent number of online Websites which allow you to watch Live TV free with none legal complications. All most all the non-legitimate sites don’t broadcast the stream from their own servers but search web directories and openly available links to supply the free streams. Many online streaming websites on the web are deceiving in nature and that they just try and inject malware into your device. The free broadcast of copyrighted content cost billions of dollars to the entertainment media and film production industry.

Production houses are raising voice against all the unethical online content providers.

Free Stream and Watch Live TV Streaming Sites

Here are the Best Free Live TV Sites to Stream and Watch the Content on any Browser Supported device.

20 Best Sites to Stream and Watch Live TV & Free & Paid - Thinkingfunda - Stream and Watch Live TV


If you want to exclusively watch Live TV from a US television program then USTVGO is the site you would love. Unlike many other sites with clumsy UI and heavy Ads, the USTVGO is a very clean site with fewer or no Ads. The site offers over 80 premium live tv channels like Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC, History, ABC, Showtime, Science, NBC, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV and other popular channels.

The best part of the app is it offers a very simple video player that loads quickly and offers a buffer-free stream with decent internet. USTVGO is a popular streaming platform if you wish to stream any live TV from the USA for free.

Features of USTVGo
  • Over 80+ Live Channels
  • Simple Video Player
  • No redirects or pop-ups
  • Smooth interface and easy navigation.


20 Best Sites to Stream and Watch Live TV & Free & Paid - Thinkingfunda - Stream and Watch Live TV

2. Wizler TV

You will fall in love with the site. No Registration, No Stupid Ads, No Pop-Ups. Simply choose the channel you wish to watch and click the play button. A smooth video player that resembles that of YouTube will play the desired channel pretty quickly. The site also offers the schedule of running and upcoming shows. Most of the channels are from the US and UK, you get news, sports, entertainment, kids, movies and other infotainment shows all for free without any bullshit ads and redirects. If you are seriously looking for streaming live tv on your devices then I strongly recommend Wizler TV.

Features of 123TV
  • Free Premium Live TV Channels
  • No Subscription
  • No Ads, redirects, or pop-ups.
  • Simple Video Player which loads quickly.

Visit 123TV | Free


3. Time4TV

Time4TV.net is an online platform that lets you watch TV Channels from around the world. You can watch UK Channels, US, Sports Channels, News, and Hindi Channels all for free without any issues. Just search for the TV Station you are looking for you are good to go. The site is heaven for the sports lovers’ channel.

Offers: Live Live Channels from Around the World (UK, US, India, Football, Cricket, Canada, and more)

Visit Time4tv.stream | Free


4. TVPlayer

TV Player lets you watch over 80 Live TV channels on your for free on the Web or any Mobile App. You can get access to 60+ free channels which you can watch without any pay. The premium version ($9/mo) of the App supports more demanded channels which can be accessed by paying some amount. Presently the service serves the UK market only but the team is working on expanding the network to the US, Canada, and other European counties. You can enjoy live tv with catch-up and live recording features making it a well-crafted TV service.

Features of TVPlayer App:
  • Watch all the best UK channels.
  • Live and Catch Up TV
  • Record your favorite programs to watch at any time
  • Use your TVPlayer plus subscription on up to 5 devices at one time

 Visit TVPlayer | Free

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