The Roadmap to a Successful Grocery Shopping Mobile App in 2022

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In the past decade, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of apps available to us. You can now find anything from a social media account to a grocery app on your phone. But what’s new about this trend? The future of grocery shopping is changing and it’s all thanks to technology. How will that change things for you? And how might it affect the way we shop today?
With the rise in popularity of grocery shopping apps, there is a definite need for an app that can give users more options and convenience. Big Grocery store chains all around India are already open to this idea, but we feel like it’s time for something new. The following blog post will outline our proposal for a successful grocery shopping mobile app in 2022.

The Roadmap to a Successful Grocery Shopping Mobile App
The Roadmap to a Successful Grocery Shopping Mobile App

Let’s first see how a grocery mobile app works?

An app for grocery shopping is fairly easy to understand. You can find almost any type of grocery item on the app, and you can use filters to make searching easier. Once users find items they want to store in their cart, they can search for other items; and then when they have finished their shopping list, they can check out. Apps allow users to fill out a preference for the time their orders will be delivered. The flow is as follows:

  • A user registers by providing some required information
  • The user Logs in with an Email address or phone number and a password or OTP
  • The user searches for the item he/she wants
  • Add the item to your cart after choosing the item
  • Provide details on where to deliver
  • Upon confirmation of the order, choose the payment method
  • Order requests are sent to the Manager
  • Requests are either accepted or declined by the store manager
  • The customer receives notification from the admin
  • The manager creates the order
  • The customer receives order successfully
  • Both the customer and the admin are updated
  • We will now discuss the features a grocery mobile app needs to offer to make the experience of online shopping seamless and hassle-free for customers.

Create an account with social media or mobile number

These days, customers do not like to fill out long registration forms. Providing instant access to customers through social media profiles is an excellent way to increase customer retention and the number of times customers visit your online grocery app. Additionally, some customers hesitate to sign up via social media due to concerns about security or privacy, for such customers offering them one-click signup forms with email or mobile numbers is a good idea.

Faceted search

By narrowing down the options customers search for, faceted search keeps them from wasting time guessing through the catalogue descriptions. Customers can search the products by typing keywords into the search box instead of navigating through the entire app. Aside from having excellent auto-suggest features, the app can also let users easily add products to the cart right from the search listing by simply clicking on them

Push notifications

Push notifications are essential for offering customers the latest deals and offers through the mobile app. These notifications or alerts make customers aware of the latest coupon offers, flash sales, and they encourage them to act. Push notifications are a great way to keep in touch with your current customers through your online store.

Tracking orders and their status:

To keep customers informed about their order, order tracking and status features play a vital role nowadays. The real-time tracking feature allows you to send push notifications to your customers regarding their product’s delivery as well as the contact information of the delivery person.

A variety of secure and convenient payment methods

Grocery shopping is usually a routine task, but in order to offer customers unprecedented convenience, grocery mobile apps must offer multiple payment options that are secure. It is important that your customers have the option of paying with cash, credit & debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, net banking, etc.

Special offers and coupon codes:

A special attention can’t go unnoticed, similarly giving coupons to your customers will make them happy and encourage them to buy more. Furthermore, you can increase sales on your online grocery mobile app by offering special deals during festivals.


In 2022, the grocery shopping mobile app will be a must-have for customers seeking to save time and money on their weekly shop. The problem is that most of today’s apps are not designed with the customer in mind – they’re often clunky, too expensive, or just plain ineffective at helping shoppers find what they need quickly and easily. That’s why we propose a new approach to developing an effective grocery store application that puts individuals first by listening to them from start to finish as you try different things out until finding your perfect match. You can book a free strategy call here if you want more information about how our team can help make your dream come true! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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